After completing continuing education as well as certification courses, we would like to be a resource for the proper use of CBD oil.

What are the differences between CBD and Marijuana?


  • Is a cannabinoid derived from the flowers of the Hemp plant.
  • Not psychoactive, it will not and cannot elicit a high.
  • Anti‐inflammatory, pain relieving, immune modulating, anti‐ anxiety, etc.


  • The compound that elicits the high in marijuana.
  • Highly regulated.
  • Federally illegal.
  • Can induce anxiety and psychosis.

Therefore CBD oil derived from the hemp plant unlike the marijuana plant has very low amounts of THC, the chemical that causes the “high”.

How the cannabinoids work in the human endocannabinoid system (ECS)?

  • The body’s ECS have 2 receptor sites.
  • CBD1 are receptors predominantly found in the brain.
  • CBD2 are receptors are found throughout the body.
  • Increased expression of the ECS can be beneficial in certain disease states. Statement from the NIH: modulating the ECS “may have therapeutic potential in almost all diseased affecting humans.”
  • Effects mood, regulates body temperature, controls inflammation, and more.

Not all CBD oil and retailers are equivalent. Buyer be aware.


Purchasing CBD Oil

  • The retailer where CBD oil is being purchased should provide a certificate of analysis(CAS) which contains the following information. All our CBD oils come with a CAS.
  • Be done by a third party lab.
  • Include cannabinoid content and be lot specific.
  • Include tests for pesticides, microbes, chemicals.
  • A 2017 JAMA analysis revealed that 70% of the CBD oil did not contain the labeled amount.
  • A 2016 FDA analysis indicated that 91% did not match the packaging label.

Dosing CBD Oil

  • CBD comes in sublingual(under the tongue dosing) capsules and salve(topical).
  • CBD comes in 2 different formulations and isolate(single cannabinoid) or full spectrum(multiple cannabinoid).
  • Dosing should always be low when starting. We provide all our patients with a journal to track symptoms to help aid in the dose as well as timing to maximize benefit.
  • Never start on a high dose, much better to start low and work up.

If you would like more information on CBD formulation, dosing or a CAS, please contact our Cannabinoid certified pharmacy technician Trevor White at 412-431-5766 or Trevor.hilltoppharm@gmail.com